Kanye v. the World

Kanye faces backlash due to public statements

Enigmatic could be used to describe the sensational artist, Kanye West. In the early 2000’s, Kanye was known as a producer, later on earning a reputation in the music industry as a rapper. He went on to create 10 studio albums, with famous picks like Graduation and The Life of Pablo. He did not stop there though, for he had expanded his talents to fashion and recently politics. Before analyzing the recent controversy, it should be noted that Kanye is not new to being on the news for something that the public deems wrong. Recently, people have questioned his mental health in regards to his announcement to run for president.

Kanye announced on Twitter that he would run for president in the 2020 elections. This unexpected announcement raised various questions surrounding his stance on certain issues, parties, and his experience. Many went as far as to say he “indicat[ed] that he was running to steal votes from Biden” (Novelly). Kanye’s past support for Donald Trump was the source for these rumors. However, it is speculated that Kanye only became “friends” with Trump so he could persuade him to “pardon African Americans who are in jail due to minor crimes” (Khan). Unfortunately, the media tends to overlook the good things Kanye has done; instead, they cover the negative aspects, thus hurting his reputation and making him look bad.

Later on, Kanye went on to have his campaign rally in South Carolina, where things took a turn for the worst. In this speech, Kanye went on to claim, ‘“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people”’ (Harmata). This line was profusely taken out of context. Kanye was likely referring to how freed slaves moved to the North just to face a similar cycle of oppression. Except, people misinterpreted it as a discredit to Tubbman’s actions; also, Kanye cried after claiming he almost killed his daughter. After, he went on twitter where he began to speak his mind, accusing his spouse and loved ones of doing him wrong. Many began to ridicule Kanye and send hate to him and his family; moreover, people accused his spouse, Kim Kardashian, of not being there for him. Concerns began to emerge from his fans, friends, and family; on the other hand, others wasted no time in making assumptions about him without knowing the full story.

The media was quick to cover this story, with many accusing Kanye of going insane and not being mentally stable. Instead of supporting him, people jumped on the hate train despite knowing Kanye’s history of being bi-polar and being mentally ill. Whether the cause of his actions were because of mental health or not, Kanye should have not been attacked the way he was; instead, he should have been helped and questioned. He has done a lot for the African American community, yet it seems the media likes to paint him as a bad guy, thus creating a single story of Kanye West.

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