The Influence of TikTok

The most popular app of the Pandemic.

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TikTok — a social media platform that allows its users to create all kinds of content through short videos — has exponentially grown in users since the start of the pandemic. According to the article “TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics”, internationally there are 689 million Tik Tok users and the user growth across the globe is very high, as it is between 284%-20% growth of users. The thing that makes this app so special is the framework of the app that allows any user with a small amount of followers to go viral, those who have gone viral have created and innovated videos, or have emulated popular trends in the app; furthermore, TikTok is special because it gives any user the possibility to become a famous influencer and opens up endless possibilities for content. The influencers on the app who have a long exposure can receive money from prompting a brand/business. However, there are users on the app who promote products without being paid as well simply because they enjoy it. One product that has recently been given lots of attention is an air fryer. Lots of users have been encouraging their audience to buy one, along with giving them easy recipes to try on their own. This has led to a surge in the purchases of air fryers, especially among college students. TikTok has also helped popularize songs and artists through dancing videos. Content creators will dance to a certain sound, which exposes more people to said song or artist. This sound then gets used by other creators and fans, thus increasing the exposure the music gets. This ends up being beneficial for everyone involved at the end. Whether it be learning new dances, trying new recipes, or finding new songs, TikTok seems to be the app to do all that and much more.

TikTok can also become addicting due to endless amounts of videos. A typical user of the app can end up losing track of time…something I’ve experienced myself. TikTok has been widely used as a new distraction and outlet for millions. Millions of users use the app to inform others on how to stay safe during the pandemic and contributing by wearing masks to keep everyone safe. Most users on the app want the pandemic to end so they urge the audience to stay home. It became very suitable just for quarantine giving users more ideas to try out what’s new in trends. The impact of the pandemic has resulted in social media taking over, allowing TikTok to rise with its trendy videos people use as a way to distract themselves from the pandemic. It’s safe to say TikTok is responsible for bringing lots of awareness and aid in a time of hardship, especially for the younger people.

Personally, TikTok has influenced me to go out and try new things, along with keeping me informed, entertained, and aware. TikTok has influenced users, myself included, to get creative and feel free. For instance, the makeup side of TikTok has led me actually going out and buying makeup products to recreate certain looks and styles. Another trendy tip that many have tried are the soap bars. The hack is to brush soap on your eyebrows so they can remain still and have a more natural look. Make-up influencers have used the soap bar hack and it has even influenced me to go out and try it. The app has become a distraction for me to try out new things and learn hacks. It has taught me to become creative as well and make videos for fun. The videos I make help me to laugh and have a little fun on my own. There are so many trends and hacks on TikTok, there’s new ones almost every week. It is a great distraction for those who stay at home and based on personal experience, I would recommend it to everyone.

TikTok has laid a strong foundation that has brought people all over the world together. The app has created abundant opportunities for users to connect with content creators and audiences; moreover, this has helped people find others with common interests and ideas, which is something hard to go out and do nowadays. TikTok has given people the platform to entertain, inform, amuse, and unite behind a screen. It has helped a lot of people in many ways, and will continue to do so. There’s something for everyone on the app due to its versatility, so if you haven’t already, I recommend checking it out. The future of TikTok seems to be prominent, so why not be a part of that future?

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