What’s your beverage?


Haylee Renee Couvson, Staff Writer

What does our school provide

Do you know what LHA provides?….Food. If you are ever hungry and need something to eat, LHA will provide breakfast and lunch. LHA always looks out for their students and other members. Oh,  but wait! What beverage is on your tray? If you have answered milk, then you are correct. 

What specific beverage is NEEDED

WATER!!! One thing that LHA is missing is the ability to make water substantial for others. There are many reasons why water is important. Say, if you have P.E., wouldn’t you want to have a bottle of water as your refreshment? Or how about at lunch, and you have just eaten a large proportion of food….What are you going to wash it down with?  

What’s the issue with the beverages we already have? 

So, you guys mean to tell me you’re fine with the beverages LHA has…like seriously? The two main beverages this school provides for their students is milk and water fountains, and sometimes (once in a blue moon) LHA would hand out juice boxes. I can list to you many reasons why milk shouldn’t be our only beverage, and don’t even get me started on water fountains. 

  • So what’s up with milk?

Congratulations to all of you milk lovers…you get it every day! But what about the people that can’t drink milk? I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but has anyone ever heard of Lactose Intolerance? It is when someone is unable to fully digest the sugar (lactose) in milk. Oh my gosh…that’s crazy right! About 68% of the world’s population are lactose intolerant. Now just imagine how many are lactose intolerant at our school. What are they supposed to drink…milk? That’s smart. 

  • So what about water fountains?

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why is this idiot ranting about how we should have water when we literally have WATER fountains?” Well I am glad you asked! I know that all of you are aware that COVID is still going around, as well as monkey pox. I do not believe that the water fountains are sanitary. To be honest, I didn’t even know people still drink out of those. What does the water even taste like?

How are we going to overcome this issue?

I am hoping that the principal and other members at our school can take this into consideration and provide water for everyone. I do know that water could be costly which is why I am suggesting to get 8oz water bottles. If you don’t have water of your own, you should feel free to grab one. In addition, we can increase the school’s recycling. There are plenty of recycling bins around the school.