Top 2 Horror Movies

Insidious vs. Conjuring


Haylee Renee Couvson, Staff Writer

Insidious vs. Conjuring 

Insidious and The Conjuring are two intriguing horror movies that are watched nationwide. Both of the nominated movies are directed by James Won and both starring Patrick Wilson. Although these are both two great movies that have numerous series, I would like to view which one would be most engaging to watch. 


There are four parts to Insidious, but they are not quite in order. To follow the plot line, you’d have to watch — Insidious: The Last Key (2018), Insidious: Chapter Three (2015), Insidious: Chapter 1 (2010), Insidious: Chapter Two (2013). There is a rumor that in 2023, the director James Won will come out with a new Insidious, and that will follow out Insidious: Chapter Two in the plot. The storyline of Insidious starts off with a young girl named Elise Rainier and she was able to connect with the dead. She took this gift from her mother who passed away when she was only a child. Her father was abusive and he was a kidnapper. Elise only had a brother whom she grew away from because she left her home. 

Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Elise Rainier has come back home and finds out what unsettling events that have taken place when she was a child. Although the house was hunted by a demon, a memory she had back then wasn’t of a ghost, but a real life person that was imprisoned by her father. She had to save the girl’s spirit and bring her to the light and fight the demon. The key’s that she has found led her into another world which Elise calls it “The Further.” 

What’s Next?

After Elise Rainier’s backstory is presented in the 2018 film, it would be best to watch Insidious: Chapter Three (2015). In this chapter, it shows Elise’s passion for helping others with entities and people coming over deaths of a loved one. She helps a young girl in her apartment. The young girl is named Quinn Brenner and her mother has passed away. She has been trying to connect with her mom, but according to Elise, when you call on someone from the dead, they can all hear you. A spirit has attached and possessed itself to Quinn. Overall, Elise has helped out the young girl come back.

What About The Others?

Insidious: Chapter One (2010) and Insidious: Chapter Two (2013) are a separate connected storyline. For these two chapters, Elise has helped out a family that was experiencing things out of the ordinary. She found out there was a demon named Marilyn Crane who was attached to the husband named Josh Lambert since he was a KID. Marilyn Crane is also known as Parker Crane. He was tormented by his mother to be a girl so when he grew up, he was angry and killed a lot of women. The demon has connected with the boy when his mom worked at a hospital and he has died in his hospital bed where Josh has been. At the end of this storyline, Elise Rainier has died and as a ghost, she helps out her sidekicks when they try to help others with supernatural problems. 

Why Is It Good?

I’d say Insidious is a really good movie because of the plotline about Elise’s life and all the families she has helped out. It is comforting to see how many of the people’s problems in the movies get resolved. After watching the movie you are frightened by what has taken place, but it is good to be aware that this is not based on a true story. 


In The Conjuring, there are a total of three movies, but if you dig into the movie you see that Lorraine and Ed Warren have a storage room for all of the possessed objects that they have encountered. Therefore, there are more movies that connect with The Conjuring like: The Nun (2018), Annabelle: Creation (2017), Annabelle (2014), The Conjuring (2013), Annabelle Comes Home (2019), The Course of La Llorona (2019), The Conjuring: Two (2016), and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it (2021).

What is it about? 

The Conjuring is about a married couple named Lorraine and Ed Warren. Lorraine can see ghosts while Ed is a paranormal investigator. The first movie is about a family that moved into a house that was haunted. Many entities were in that house and it attached itself to each individual. The mom was possessed by a demon which was a witch. The other encounters that they have had was a little boy that showed himself in a toy mirror, there appeared to be a woman that had killed her baby, and a woman hanging from a tree. The witch has also taken people’s greatest fears and casted them out, but it was only an illusion. 

Lorraine wanted to stop using her gift because she has been so close to hell, and after having a vision of her husband dying which was caused by The Nun (2018). She ended up helping the next family. There was a little girl that was possessed by the previous owner. The old man who was the previous owner didn’t want to stay there and take over the family, but The Nun has forced him to. At the end, Lorraine has casted out the demon by saying its name and sending it back to hell; her husband has survived. 

In the last movie, it is about a guy that was possessed by the devil to do evil things. He has killed people, but it was only because the devil made him do it. There was a girl that did witchcraft and made weird objects that casted misfortune. This was a good movie because it shows how evil spirits can possess you to do evil things. However, that logic wouldn’t work in today’s world.

Why Is It Good?

I’d say this movie would have to be better than Insidious if I ever had to choose because it is based on a true story and legends. I like that this movie talks about the adventures Lorraine and Ed Warren had; these are real people. Many people have visited The Conjuring house and have said that they felt the entity’s presence and there are many real clips that were attached to each movie about what took place in real life.