Andrea’s Perfect Christmas

Published by Haylee Renee


Andrea Bravo, Writing Staff

Winter break is almost here!! 

With only 2 weeks left of school till break let us know how you’re going to spend it, with family? Distant relatives? 

My article is going to be my idea of a perfect Christmas. Let’s start off with the basics like the tree, Everyone needs a Christmas tree for a perfect Christmas so, what are some stuff that you can put on a tree?

  • Popcorn string 🍿
  • Ornaments 🎀
  • Special ornaments 💝
  • Lights 💡
  • And the best part the star 🌟
  • Santa’s letter 📨

Now that we have a Christmas tree we’re going to need some presents to put under the tree so think hard and well about what to give your loved one for Christmas this year. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive just as long as it comes from the heart just giving the gift to them would show that you actually put effort into it and show that you care.☺️

Here are some cheap but  not that expensive ideas you can check out to give to that special someone on Christmas morning or night whenever you usually open presents

  • Scarf
  • Baked goods
  • A drawing
  • Handcrafted items 
  • A photo collage 
  • Candy
  • Socks 
  • A beanie 

Now that you have the perfect gift for that loved one, now it’s time to figure out what y’all are going to eat every christmas eve or morning needs a good meal let us know what your favorite christmas meal is.

However you decide to spend your Christmas this year just remember to spend it with the people you love and cherish don’t spend the holiday being bummed or so overworked that you can’t even enjoy Christmas with the family this year treat yourself to a good holiday without the stress of work over the break have a good break and GO TITANS!!