Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Team Powers: Mechanics

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Samuel Mejia, Author

Author’s Note: Since Mechanic is also a unit by the same name, I will refer to the unit with capitalization, while units that are part of the mechanics team will be lowercase. 


The mechanics Team is one that is based on sustainability and holding up a defense as well as utilizing Welder to rush past and deal damage to the barricade. Three out of five in the Mechanic team originally aren’t part of it, utilizing a skin to make the team synergy work. Below is Redneck who changes to Hillbilly, Policeman Diaz who changes to Mechanic Diaz, and Builder Abby who goes to just Abby.

The Mechanics are simply a band of automotive mechanics. Those being Hillbilly, Mechanic, Welder, Mechanic Diaz, and Abby.

The bonus that’s provided with 2 mechanic units in your loadout is passive, whenever a mechanic unit gets sent out, the bus is repaired for 45 health. At 3, while 3 unique mechanic units are on the field, each newly sent out mechanic has a 25% chance to spawn a Turret, with the exception of Welder, who when sent out has a 100% chance to spawn a Turret, Turrets are always placed at a random position close to the bus. Their stats are equal to the version the player owns, as long as the turret is equipped on their current loadout; otherwise, level 0 values are used. Turrets after every burst of fire they do, they overheat, then take a tick of 10 damage to their health, and disapear after 86 seconds, no matter their level. At 5 mechanic units in your loadout, Turrets take 50% less self inflicted damage, this effectively doubles the activate time your Turret can fire before destroying itself. Ultimately this Team’s selling point is the Turret spawning and Bus repair, as without that Team Power, only Welder can repair the bus.

HillBilly (Redneck) is a fighter, like most fighters they have low health and base damage, but high attack speed. He is the first unit you get when starting the game, hes also meant to be an expendable unit, having a low cooldown and only costing 15 Courage, he moves very quickly, his critical hits only coming out slightly slower. He possess no perks, one of the few units in the game to not have any. His ability at level 13 makes it so he has an added 3 points of agility, making his total speed 19, which makes him close to one of the fastest melee units in the game and the fastest fighter class unit. Despite this, it is only marginally helpful as he is already fast enough to approach incoming threats before they do any harm to the bus and will simply allow him to close that gap just slightly quicker, making his special ability somewhat redundant.

Mechanic is a also a fighter, he costs the same amount of Courage as Hillbilly but takes more time to prepare, his movement speed matched with him as well, but when he initially comes out he 2 extra points of movement speed, this is due to his main perk: Mechanic has an additional damage attack, which is when he is brought out, he charges with a sledgehammer that deals three times his documented damage and is guaranteed to crit, meaning it will actually sextuple his damage at x6. He also gains a slight movement speed buff until he finishes the attack. Enemies struck by critical hits will also be knocked back including his sledgehammer attack, this makes him great for dealing large amounts of burst damage with him. Upon reaching level 13, Mechanic’s special can be unlocked, allowing him to use the extra attack several times, as long as his sledgehammer kills an enemy, he can reuse it for his next attack. That applies to every attack, allowing Mechanic to use his perk repeatedly as long as he lands a killing blow with it. Considering this ability’s large multi-kill potential, it increases Mechanic’s already high utility to greater heights, making him a very cheap and effective unit for clearing out swarms of light zombies, and groups of enemies with medium health. However his sledgehammer is slightly buggy, the sledgehammer naturally has a half-second second delay, if the enemy is killed within those 0.5 seconds while the sledgehammer is slamming down on the ‘location’ it will not count as a kill and the Mechanic would have gained no benefits, having wasted his sledgehammer.

Welder classified as a support, and is a very unique unit, operating very differently from any other, he has 20 speed, making him faster than Hillbilly, but possessing extremely low health, and high base damage and attack speed. However this isn’t much of a benefit to himself as he cannot actually defend himself, additionally even though he is a non-Psycho unit, he still costs Rage points to bring out, at a hefty 50 Rage and a preparation of 90 seconds. His perks make him immune to fire damage, he also can’t become a zombie on death, mainly because he always explodes when he dies, leaving behind a fire pool. Additionally Welder has two unique perks which are oriented towards supporting his team: the ability to repair objects, and barricade prioritization. Instead of targeting enemies, Welder will weave through them and go straight for the barricade. This makes him unable to attack enemies, as he focuses all attacks on the blockage, leaving him completely defenseless, if he is to run into a dense swarm he will be unable to actually make his way through them, and when affected by Fear, he will pause before attacking the barricade. When sent out of the bus, Welder will heal it and some rage items on field, should they be damaged. He will repair the bus for 5% of its total health, and Turrets and Generators for 30% of theirs. He will not repair Empty Barrels, Red Barrels, or Nitrogen. He repairs objects by running towards them and applying three healing pulses during a special animation of him using his wrench and tightening something on the object. He has no level 13 ability at the time of writing.

Mechanic Diaz (Policeman Diaz) is classified as a heavyweight, boasting high health and knockback resistance, however his main damage output puts him into a shotgunner position, he costs 25 Courage and has a preparation time of 35 seconds, and he moves very slowly at speed 6. He has a unique perk that causes him to take half of all melee damage that is dealt to him, making him an effective tank against enemies despite being a ranged unit. Mechanic Diaz fires a pump-action shotgun at a decent speed. He launches a cone of four pellets per shot. In close quarters, when his gun is empty, he’ll quickly load a single shell and fire it. As he doesn’t have a proper melee attack, so he will continuously do this over and over until either he or his attacker dies. Should he finish reloading but his attacker is killed by another unit, Policeman will simply have a single shell in his gun to fire normally. His level 13 ability allows him to gain a 30% speed bonus to all his actions, including his speed, firing speed, and reloads, his speed is increased to 8, if he is healed back over half of his health, the bonus deactivates, the bonus is fairly good as it does improves Policeman’s overall performance and DPS.

Abby (Builder Abby) is a particularly unique units with a special built in mechanic, she starts off coming out of the bus with a minigun, shooting at a high rate of fire and dealing large amounts of damage in quick bursts, making her suitable for taking on large hoards of enemies, after firing for 5 seconds she will drop her minigun and pulls out a hammer, and then proceeds to act as a normal melee unit. She is classified as a damager, yet her stats are unusually low, and possesses the lowest melee damage and health out of all melee untis, her melee attacks are slow, and generally her main use is in her gun phase, because thanks to her high rate of fire, she can still deal a lot of damage to bullet resistant units. If shes attacked while she is firing she will immediately drop her minigun and pull out her hammer instead, at level 13 her special ability ensures she continues firing even if attacked. If she dies she turns into her namesake zombie Abby, who pounces at backline ranged units to attack them, whats ironic about this is that her damage per second and health as a zombie are drastically higher.

This team’s main selling point is its ability to repair the Bus, this is excellent on missions that you want to 3-star, as the game checks at what health percentage is the bus at rather than if its been damaged or not, so if its at full health you will get 3-stars if you finish the level, even if it was damaged beforehand. It’s generally a good idea to run your own Turret with this loadout if you don’t want the base damage of the Turret that’s spawned from the Team Power, it also is just a really good support item in general, with a close second being the Generator.