Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Team Powers: Jailers

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Samuel Mejia, Author/Writer

The Jailers are a team that focuses on utilization of Rage support items, stunning, and quick prep-time of units. All of the Jailers are original units native to the Jailer Team.

The jailers are a group of prison guard workers from the same prison where the Cephalod, an alien, crash landed in the prison and started the apocalypse. From left to right are Gunslinger, Sniper Polina, Guard, Willy, and Jailer.


The passive synergy ability that is provided with 2 Jailer type units equipped is that all Rage abilities get a 30% preparation time reduction. The second ability is an active ability when 3 unique Jailer units are on the field, while this synergy is active, all Jailers have a 25% chance to stun the enemy on a critical melee hit. Aside from melee units’ attacks, this also includes close quarter melee attacks of Willy, Sniper Polina and Gunslinger. At 5 Jailer units equipped, now all human units and rage abilities get a permanent 30% preparation time reduction, this stacks with the first synergy, meaning now their cool-downs are reduced by 60%.

Gunslinger is a Shooter, meaning he shoots a weapon with a high rate of fire that deals damage in bursts. Gunslinger fires his gun at a moderate pace in five bursts with four rounds before doing a quick reload. He has a low courage cost for a ranged unit, costing only 20 Courage, but trades that off with very slow movement speed and low health. If approached suddenly or while out of ammo, Gunslinger does a quick but extremely weak melee attack that can crit. His preparation time is 45 seconds, with the full synergy his prep time is 31.5  seconds. At level 13, Gunslinger’s special ability can be unlocked, doubling his magazine size. He will then fire his gun up to ten times instead of five with the same reload speed. While it improves his support capabilities by increasing his firing period, it does not address Gunslinger’s lackluster performance as a shooter unit in general, as in addition to the problems said above, he suffers from poor accuracy, and is best suited fighting large groups of low health enemies, as him missing can invariably hit another enemy instead. In addition, this ability will rarely see full use, as in order for Gunslinger to fire his gun empty, he must be targeting a very tanky enemy, without interruptions from other enemies to pull his focus away.

Sniper Polina is a Sniper, meaning she fires at a slow speed, which is compensated by very high base damage and quick reloading. Her health is low, and she moves slowly. If approached suddenly or while out of ammo, Polina does a quick but extremely weak melee attack that can crit. Her accuracy is moderate but leagues better than Gunslinger, however not close to Sheriff Charlotte, but a close second. Her cooldown is 50 seconds and at a cost of 25 Courage, with the full team synergy, her preparation time comes down to 35 seconds. Polina is one of the few units to not possess any perks. At level 13, Polina’s special ability can be unlocked, granting her ammo that ignores 40% of an enemy’s bullet resistance. This works multiplicatively, which means a unit that has 90% bullet resistance will be treated as having 54% resistance, however, it can’t penetrate Boss’ and Egg’s true damage immunities. Sniper Polina is one of the few units to not possess any perks.

Guard is a Damager, meaning he will attack enemies and the barricade at close range while excelling at inflicting large amounts of raw damage to high health targets. Guard is a strong melee unit, having high health, good damage, and fast movement speed. His courage cost is somewhat high but his preparation time is only moderate. All of his attacks, both regular and critical, are slightly slow to land. His perks allow him to knock enemies back upon a critical hit, partial knockback resistance, as well as possessing bullet resistance. His preparation time is a surprisingly low 13 seconds, however this is set back by a cost of 30 Courage, however if you possess adequate Courage to spare, you can have 3 Guards within a matter of a half minute, and with the full synergy, it takes 9 seconds to send him out, meaning you can achieve 3 Guards sooner. At level 13, unlocking Guard’s special ability grants him maximum aggro, meaning his reaction and target picking speed will get a boost and there’ll be less pauses between Guard’s attack. While this ability isn’t entirely unhelpful, it’s not that impactful enough to make Guard any better.

Willy is a heavyweight, meaning he is a slow but strong unit with high health and knockback resistance. He is also a support unit, meaning that he provides assistance to his teammates with special abilities and/or by dealing extra damage. Willy is a unique unit, like Abby, he has two different states, both being dependent on a factor, this factor being his shield that he starts out with, as Willy has a unique passive perk that grants him an extra bar of set health whenever he is sent out. It is always set to an amount of 20 shield HP. This health bar is the same as those granted to zombies by Medic zombie. Unlike the zombies, his extra bar of health cannot be replenished by any means. Once he loses all his shield points, he’ll drop his shield while taking a small step back to put a tiny bit of distance between him and his enemy. Much like Willy himself, the shield (Shield bar) has bullet resistance and greatly reduces damage from ranged sources of damage. His ranged attack with his taser deals true damage, meaning it ignores bullet resistance and melee resistance. It however, cannot ignore Egg’s bullet immunity during its inactive state, as well as stunning the enemy, additionally he has full knockback resistance, and enemies that get hit by Willy’s melee attacks will be knocked back. Willy has the same preparation time as Guard, but costing 40 Courage instead of 30. At level 13, Willy unlocks his special ability which is almost exactly the same as Soldier’s, and Willy will gain extra shield points based on 15% of his max hp. For example, a 310 health Willy will gain 67 SP (46 +20). Although by no means the worst ability, it is far less effective on Willy when compared to Soldier because of the difference in their base HP stats and potential HP stat boosts, even taking into consideration the base 20 shield points Willy possesses at the start. In most cases, the shield will serve little more than what it already did before, which is to provide Willy with a measure to protect himself from one powerful attack.

Jailer is a fighter, meaning he will attack enemies and the barricade at close range. Jailer is a decently strong melee unit as his unit pack would suggest. He has a moderate amount of health and fast movement speed while keeping a low Courage cost of 15 and the same preparation time as Guard and Willy. While his damage is still low, his critical hits have a devastating effect even if it is slightly slower than his normal attacks as enemies struck by Jailer’s critical hit will be stunned. When stunned, enemies will stop moving entirely for a second, and an additional critical hit will reset the stun timer, meaning that with luck and proper item sets, Jailer could single handedly take out a tanky enemy that would normally kill him. Jailer is one of the few units to not possess an level 13 ability.

Overall with the high costs of the majority of the Jailers, your main spammable unit is going to be Jailer and Gunslinger, but if you are to bring along the Generator for your sixth slot you’ll be able to bring out all units considerably faster and at a higher rate to keep on the onslaught, and with the Rage unit cool-downs, you’ll be able to have multiple generators running quickly.