Amy Powell: From Classroom to Office


Chloe O'Meany-Lucas, Student Staff Writer

Amy Powell is the Dean of Curriculum Instruction at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy. Before taking this position, she was an English teacher and the instructor of LHA’s criminal justice class. I was her student in junior year, and the experience in her classroom is one I remember keenly. She adapted the curriculum to the students’ needs, and she was always there to support us—emotionally and academically. I recently emailed Ms. Powell about her experience as both a current administrator and a previous teacher. The following details are the transcript of the interview:


Chloe O’Meany-Lucas (Interviewer): “What has been the major difference between both jobs?”

Amy Powell (Interviewee): “The major difference between being a teacher and an administrator is whom I serve. I am definitely here to make the school a safe, happy and vital place for students to be, but my clientele, if you will, has changed. I am now serving the needs of educators instead of all my kiddos. I’m trying to help with the small and the large, the trivial and the necessary things teachers need in order to be the best that they can be for you guys.”


C.O.: “How have you incorporated any skills you learned as a teacher into your current position?”

A.P.: “I think my teacher-ability to ignore drama and get down to the brass tacks of what needs to be done has really helped me with this new position. I am less concerned with why things are the way they are than with dealing with how things are now. I am focused on solutions and results, as well as not getting stuck in finger pointing.”


C.O.: “Does your relationship with students feel the same or different?”

A.P.: “My relationship feels completely different and yet the same. I know many of the kids from classes, so I am still tied to you guys by major heart strings, but I feel like I put down a book only halfway completed. There was more to the story of you guys and me that I’ll never know because I left in the middle of the plot.”


C.O.: “What have been some current benefits as an administrator, if any?”

A.P.: “I love the ability to get to finish a thought from A to Z without interruption. I’m enjoying my office space; working with an amazing, dedicated and sincere group of administrators is a huge benefit. I also hear my name being called about 90% less than before, which is poignant but awesome at the same time.”


C.O.: “Any disadvantages?”

A.P.: “Being away from kids is a definite disadvantage. I can’t keep track of all my ducklings and give you pep talks when needed, and I miss that enormously.”


C.O.: “What are some tips you can give for any student considering this position, or teaching, as a career?”

A.P.: “Teaching is worth it – 100%.”


Interview was conducted via email on January 17th, 2023. For more opportunities to share your experiences, favorites, and interests, you can email me at [email protected]