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Psychology: The Study Of Human Behavior

Psychology is studied by so many people and this study has inspired many to proceed into a career in the field. People find it intriguing because of all the different factors that contribute to the human brain. Our brain is our main source of information and we use that to interact with other people. Psychology is what forms human connections and its abilities that follow. Without all this knowledge, we would not be able to identify our emotions properly. I took a psychology college class my sophomore year and I ended up learning many new things. The class took me in depth and explained why we act the way we do and why it all differs from one another. It gave examples of mental illness and how it has a major part in affecting human behavior. It also talked about the sensitive parts of the brain and how they all connect in a way. 


I had the chance to interview my cousin Laura Rios. I asked her out of all majors she looked into why did psychology out stand them all and her response was “ When I was a senior in high school the pressure of choosing a major was very stressful for me”( Laura Rios). This created a heavy weight on her and was stressed her senior year but the one thing she did know was that she wanted to go into the medical field “ I want to be in an environment where I can communicate with others, people who are in need, and be the support to people when they are having a hard time” ( Laura Rios). Laura also mentioned that before she picked this major she was going to proceed with a major in Radiology. She was interested in that particular major because she found it captivating on how our bones shift due to accidents and the human anatomy behind it. She as well as me took a psychology course at the beginning of her junior year and the class stood out to her a lot because she was fascinated on how humans think and feel. She is an incoming senior this fall at the University Of The Pacific and she couldn’t be any happier with her decision in pursuing a career in the medical field with psychology being her major. 


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Laura and I have always been really close growing up. I have always cherished the times we spent together because she always made everything feel right. As time moved forward and I started to see what kind of person she is I’ve always figured she’d be a teacher because of how patient she is with everyone in her life. Laura is a very compassionate person filled with enthusiastic behavior that contagious everyone around her. She loves helping people out so I was not surprised when she shared that she wants to be in an environment where she could frequently help people. Laura and I share one thing in common which is the study of human behavior. We both got intrigued by the course we took and it has influenced me to keep obtaining new knowledge towards this topic. I am also struggling with finding a major but this interview helped me figure out what way I want to go.


Following her response on her interest in psychology and how she found the course very fascinating, I asked her what piece of information intrigued her and how it changed her perspective and her response was “ I was entertained by the fact that childhood and adolescent hood are the main changes in human lifespan it changed my perspective on childhood and teens as in gaining an insight into their behaviors, perceptions, and their motivations”. (Laura Rios). This proves that people often change growing up and develop different values. Psychology has many different branches and requires different types of mentalities.


Resulting to this fact I asked Laura what group she falls into and if she is meant to interact with younger or older people she said “ Definitely younger people because I have way more patience with that group than older people and the reason for this is because she is the eldest grandchild on both sides of my families and it gave me the privilege to see all my cousins grow up” (Laura Rios). Every individual goes through difficult times and it could get in the way of how they communicate with others. So I asked Laura when times like these do occur how will she manage to overcome these struggles without affecting her or the other person and she said “ I will manage these difficult times by separating my personal thoughts with my professional ones” (Laura Rios). She has also been telling herself that she will try to be strong and remind herself everyday to stay calm. I think those are good strategies because as a psychologist she will have to deal with different problems everyday and her thoughts are going to change very often. 


I ended it off by asking Laura the final question which was why she thinks people should keep learning about psychology and why it is important and she said because psychologists could help improve decision making, stress management, behavior from the past and present, and future performance. Psychology teaches us the importance of human behavior and how it influences people. People should learn more about this topic because now it will help evaluate emotions.

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