The Best Macaroons Around


Lauren Cadiz, Writer/Editor

Have you ever had a macaroon? If your answer is yes then you haven’t really had the best experience until you try “Amy’s Delights”. If you’ve never had a macaroon then you must treat your taste buds to Amy’s macaroons! “Amy’s Delights” is a small baking business where she bakes all sorts of delicious macaroons and cupcakes! She is also our wonderful counselor, Ms. Her’s sister in law! She is home based in Sacramento and accepts orders through her Instagram, “amys.delights”. 

   I had the privilege of trying one of her macaroons which she decorated for Halloween and it was not only cute, but delicious as well! It was very soft, moist, sweet, and the perfect size! I have no doubts that you will love her sweets. She is very inclusive when it comes to her orders and you can customize it to make it the best fit for you. If you would like her to make an abundance for a party or anything that requires a lot of sweets, she is able to do that for you!

There is no doubt that you won’t find something you love from her small business. Even if you’ve never tried a macaroon you will love hers! When my friend and I tried her macaroons it was his first time ever having a macaroon, period. From then on he was hooked! His mouth drools anytime he thinks of them and can’t wait to treat his taste buds to a macaroon again! 

Overall, Amy’s Delights has extremely delicious sweets and as I’ve said many of times, you must try out her sweets! It’s very beneficial to support small businesses instead of buying from mass corporations. So with that being said, go support Amy! If you would like to order from Amy go to her Instagram at “amys.delights” and send her a message!