Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Team Powers: Emergency

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

Samuel Mejia

This article is a more in-depth look at certain aspects of the game, going off of my Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare review. Team Powers is a mechanic where certain effects are activated depending on the loadout you make, picking 6 units of either survivors or support items. Team Powers might positively change the way units function as a whole or grant them a bonus that activates under a condition. Some team powers only affect their respective members while others grant a bonus to an entire loadout. Whenever a team power is activated, the team’s icon will appear and briefly flash to show that the effect has taken place. Teams gain bonuses based on the number of units are in your loadout, gaining them at 2, 3, and 5 units, allowing you to make a team that has even two or three Team Powers if you don’t want to fully devote to a particular one. Certain units have skins that make them apart of a different faction, such as Berserker, whose skin is named Climber and makes him apart of the Emergency team instead of a Psycho:

Emergency is a team that is made up of first responders, those being Climber, Firefighter, Medic, Paramedic Nancy, and Lionheart:

The bonus at 2 Emergency units in your loadout is passive, and all units now gain fire immunity, this is useful as when Firefighter dies he sometimes falls back and explodes, causing fire damage, and as he is your main tank in this team it’s useful to not damage your nearby survivors, Lionheart’s ability allows him to set fire to everything in front of him, which includes other allies, it can also protect from both Nancy’s on-death electricity charge, as when she dies she instantly turns into an EMT zombie. The bonus at 3 is one that needs to have a certain requirement met before it activates, this is that while there are 3 unique Emergency units on the battlefield, any unit standing in a Medkit’s range will receive a 50% increase to their damage, units standing in the range of multiple Medkits do not stack this effect. Medic drops a Medkit naturally as apart of her ability which pairs well if you use your 6th slot for a Medkit as well, which allows for more ideal placement. The final bonus is passive, and increases the health of all Emergency units by 25%. This bonus adds some needed HP to your units, as Medic and Paramedic Nancy have low health and little offensive capability, relying on the others to deal damage, as well as letting the tanks and fighters have more durability. This bonus is also not applied in the stat overview, and only applies after bonuses from item sets, so keep that in mind.

Climber (Berserker) has stats similar to a fighter, yet has much higher health and has a unique attack pattern, offering a double attack that lets him have some of the highest DPS in the game, as both attacks deal the same amount of damage, the melee damage in his stats is effectively doubled, this lets him quickly shred through most high health enemies, his critical hit isn’t a double attack, however it comes out extremely quick, and is essentially a regular double attack except in a faster, single strike. Because he costs Rage (The currency) to bring out, he can constantly be produced as long as you keep on killing zombies, which will allow you to repeatedly bring out Climber, as well as save your Courage for the rest of your team’s units.

Firefighter is a damager, he is immune to fire damage and poison damage, rendering him unable to be poisoned or burned, this also allows him to walk through fire pools produced by explosions or Lionheart’s ability. He also is the only human unit to possess explosion resistance, additionally he also has knock-back resistance, rendering him immovable, and also unable to be blown up except for his death. These two additional perks are undocumented in the game. His slow attack speed in general combined with his health make him more of a tank for this Team than anything.

Medic is a support who is immune to poison damage, therefore can’t be poisoned, and has bullet resistance, granting her a 90% resistance. Medic has a unique ability to deploy a limitless amount of┬áMedkits as long as she remains on the battlefield. Upon detecting at least one unit close enough to her who is injured, or if she is injured herself, she will reach into her backpack and toss a kit out in front of herself. When she performs this action, there is a delay before she can do it again. In most cases, she will not deploy another Medkit until a very short while after the current one disappears. However, she will skip this cooldown if she or her injured teammates step out of Medkit’s range of effect. Medic’s Medkits function separately from the standalone rage ability as upgrading the support item will not improve Medic’s own kits. Instead, they scale with her level. Medic’s kits use the same healing values for all levels as the separate item, an example of this is a level 4 Medic’s Medkit will heal for 15 points, just like a level 4 Medkit.

Paramedic Nancy is a support, who has unique AI with different priorities than any other unit in the game. Her priority list starts off with finding the nearest dead unit (this tends to be a ranged unit due to their closer proximity to the Bus) and reviving them. It is to be noted that during this she will pass by any enemy that she encounters, and will not fight back if attacked. She will move backwards towards the Bus if the unit that is currently the priority is farther that way, and during her attempt to revive a unit she will gain increased speed. Afterwards, her next priority will be to make sure every unit is healed. She will then go to the closest injured unit and begin healing them until they are full. At that point she will move onto the next damaged units, moving backwards again if necessary, and passing by enemies. She cannot revive an ally that’s exploded or has died to fire damage, however this isn’t a detriment if you have 2 Emergency units in your loadout. Additionally when Paramedic Nancy attacks, her bag knocks enemies back, which is a great benefit to her survivability.

Lionheart is classified as a fighter, however he has a statline, cost, and cooldown of a heavyweight. His critical hits knock enemies back, he has natural fire resistance, and 90% bullet resistance, additionally he also has fear resistance, requiring more enemies to put him into a fear debuff, however this is not stated in the game. Lionheart’s manual ability is to take the drip torch that’s on his waist and spray flames over a small area in front of and to the side of him, setting the targeted area on fire and any non-fire-resistant enemies with it, however its damage is low and fire resistant enemies render this ability almost worthless, its good for crowd control, but its possibly real purpose is for the disposal of corpses, specifically those like the Undead and Sergeant zombies.

You could take the Medkit in your 6th slot for the benefits of the 3 unit Emergency bonus.